How might we make Miller Coors light beer brands relevant in today's market?

Spirits and wine have captured a large share of the market over the past decade.  The packaging of these products has gone a long way toward making them seem fun and approachable.

Premium light beers have largely been disregarded as generic...

In order to help ground the ideation, the Radius team and I developed these "Occasion" mood boards to  help frame up the core values that Premium Lights have come to represent beyond their "sessionability."


Sporting Events

Tailgating and other sports related events invoke a feeling of belonging and acceptance as everybody roots for the same team.

Outdoor Activities

After a hike or kayaking trip, premium lights become a way to celebrate the accomplishment, without impairing the senses too much. 

Vacation Hang Outs

Socializing with strangers might require a little liquid moxie but with a hot climate, a premium light is a refreshing option.


Miller Lite and Coors Light are strong brands that speak to the outdoors, sociability and belonging.  How might we reflect that in their packaging? Several rounds of brainstorming around new can configurations, analogous packaging features and material explorations, finally led to the direction of increasing the perception of durability and ruggedness. 

Recognizing the potential of that design direction, the Miller Coors team requested that most of the final exploration should center around a mesh material. 

The Miller Coors team sought to patent the beer clip concept and requested high fidelity models for user testing of the keg cap concept and the twist tie concept. 

The Radius team worked with a professional seamstress to deliver the quality requested by the Miller Coors team.